RPM Cash Management Machine

The RPM Cash Management Machine provided ATM and other self-service financial transactions including check cashing, money orders, and wire transfers. The security of these transactions was ensured through a combination of biometric facial signatures, social security number verification, and check scans.

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Atreva Cash Access Machine

Atreva offered entertainment-seeking customers fast and convenient access to cash in the casino environment. The goal of this kiosk was to break the mold of the traditional ATM interaction and create an entirely new user experience—one that was fun, easy, and exciting... like a game. Atreva offered access to all ATM networks, automated check cashing, credit card cash advances, and access to cash through the point-of-sale network which allowed customers to exceed the daily withdrawal limit imposed by some banks.

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Self-service Financial Transactions

In October 1999, InnoVentry began a three-year development effort to add money order purchases to the RPM Cash Management Machine. I was charged with designing an interaction that allowed users to build a virtual cash balance on a self-service kiosk, to use those funds to purchase products, and to receive cash from the balance. I helped define the business requirements and functional specifications required throughout the product development process.

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GoPoint Internet Kiosk

The GoPoint Internet Kiosk was a conceptual platform that offered a set of Internet available products in retail stores. It was tested in two Concept Stores in the summer of 2000 in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona.

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Ace Cash Express Check Cashing Machine

Ace Cash Express offers check cashing, money order, money transfer, and bill payment services primarily to the “unbanked” (people without bank accounts). These services are provided through traditional stores and self-service kiosks. The kiosks operate on legacy ATM hardware and software dating back 10-20 years.

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7-Eleven Check Cashing Kiosk

7-Eleven Inc. has deployed several financial services kiosks as a competitive product to InnoVentry's RPM Cash Management Machine. The kiosk, called VCOM (“Virtual Commerce” Machine), provides “unbanked” customers (people without bank accounts) the ability to perform common financial service transactions at a single location on one device. Customers can perform ATM transactions, purchase money orders, perform wire transfers, pay bills, and more.

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