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Ace Cash Express Check Cashing Machine

Ace Cash Express offers check cashing, money order, money transfer, and bill payment services primarily to the “unbanked” (people without bank accounts). These services are provided through traditional stores and self-service kiosks. The kiosks operate on legacy ATM hardware and software dating back 10-20 years.

June 2002 to March 2003

Development of on-screen branding scenarios
Screen type definition
Hardware interaction type definition
Screen concept design (static & animated)
HTML template development

I served as an Interaction Design Consultant responsible for redesigning the interface for these kiosks.

The primary design challenge was to accommodate three different types of new and legacy screen hardware—screens that required the use of physical input buttons, freeform touch screens, and touch screens with predetermined touch zones. My resulting design included eight option “slots” that lined up with the buttons, if there were any, on each side of the screen. Unused slots were small and grayed out, but were still visible so that the user could align the options with the physical buttons. (The video signal on many machines often fails to align the on-screen text with the buttons the user is required to push.)

I segregated the screens into a set of seven templates consisting of the attract sequence, product selection, data entry, informational display, transaction processing, hardware device interaction, and decline/error. I designed instructional animations that showed the location of hardware devices (card reader, check reader, camera, check dispenser, printer, and phone) and operating instructions. I also developed branding scenarios including full brand presentation, co-branding flexibility, ingredient branding, and a generic unbranded option for on-screen display.