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7-Eleven Check Cashing Kiosk

7-Eleven Inc. has deployed several financial services kiosks as a competitive product to InnoVentry's RPM Cash Management Machine. The kiosk, called VCOM (“Virtual Commerce” Machine), provides “unbanked” customers (people without bank accounts) the ability to perform common financial service transactions at a single location on one device. Customers can perform ATM transactions, purchase money orders, perform wire transfers, pay bills, and more.

December 2001 to February 2002

Visual design audit
On-screen messaging evaluation
Transaction flow evaluation
Hardware labeling recommendations

Following my departure from InnoVentry, and the subsequent demise of the company, 7-eleven contacted me to perform a detailed evaluation and analysis of their product's user experience and make recommendations to improve the user's interaction. 7-Eleven was familiar with my success on the RPM product and felt that I was the most qualified to make suggestions to improve their product.

I consulted with 7-Eleven to evaluate their existing customer experience and offer suggestions to enhance the design and usability of their financial services kiosk.

The first phase of my analysis and recommendations focused on the visual design of the touch screen interface. The components analyzed included: 1) placement, size, and contrast of visual elements (buttons, images, text, etc.), 2) text message composition, 3) device interaction (using the physical kiosk devices), 4) voice audio feedback, and 5) physical kiosk signage. The second phase focused on the interaction architecture (user transaction process/flow) and transaction time analysis.