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RPM Cash Management Machine

The RPM Cash Management Machine provided ATM and other self-service financial transactions including check cashing, money orders, and wire transfers. The security of these transactions was ensured through a combination of biometric facial signatures, social security number verification, and check scans.

July 1998 to June 2001

Interaction architecture
Brand integration & continuity
Business requirement definition (collaborative)
Functional design (collaborative)
Art direction (collaborative)
Graphic design (collaborative)
Development & maintenance (collaborative)

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As the Senior Interaction Designer, I was responsible for the interaction architecture of the system. I defined the business requirements, determined the transaction flow, and designed the on-screen interaction so that it integrated seamlessly with the machine’s physical components.

I designed, developed, and maintained the RPM interface. The visual design was influenced by the everyday objects that people commonly interact with, such as car dashboards, telephones, and TV remote controls. For example, on-screen buttons resembled physical buttons and included familiar affordances and physical feedback when pressed. Information design challenges included explaining to users what actions were required at specific points in the transaction process, teaching users that all values were rounded to the nearest dollar (because the machine did not dispense coins) and complying with legal regulations regarding fee notifications. I wrote all scripts for spoken screen prompts, selected English and Spanish speaking voice talent, and assisted in the direction of audio recording sessions.

I worked closely with the development team and helped to select appropriate technologies for the project.

Finally, I was responsible for the usability of the system. I designed the framework for a usability testing methodology and hired a firm to conduct studies with users.