Space Scyphozoa

The Space Scyphozoa (jellyfish) is a flying semi-autonomous balloon structure that senses the proximity of objects in its path and reacts in various ways based on how close it is to the object. Its mobility is controlled by a fan unit comprised of three fans and by buoyancy from the helium balloon body structure.

The decision to pursue this design was inspired by a video by Charles & Ray Eames that displayed the beautiful movement of a jellyfish through water. Its design is not intended to solve a design problem, but instead was motivated by a personal interest to attempt to replicate the movement and behavior of the jellyfish through a constructed man-made object that would be designed and equipped to behave on its own.

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Brainstorm Caddy

In this short project, we were tasked with creating a desk organizer. Our constraints were that it should hold no more than four items and that it's shape be a cube of specific proportions. I chose to develop this organizer to contain the items often most reasured by the designer—dry erase markers, sticky notes, and a sharpie pen.

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Retro Clock

The objective of this project was to apply all the skills we had obtained over the course of the semester. The goal was to utilize our drawing skills and3D prototyping abilities to render a finished concept of our own design. Our design concepts were motivated after interviews were conducted with elderly participants and their needs were identified.

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Stove and Dial Control

In this project we were asked to take detailed measurements of our stove and then build a scale model of foamcore. Then we were required to design a new interaction for the stove dials that control the heat and define a method for clearly associating each dial with it's corresponding burner. For my concept, I developed a ridged dial that spun up and down. The dial contained a graphic depicting and increasing field of red as the burner temperature was increased. The intent of this design was to provide an intuitive method for adjusting the heat of the burner as well as providing a strong visual cue of the burner's heat level from a distance.

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