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Rebuilding A B2B Financial Services Brand

[With Catapult Thinking, Jan. 2005 to May 2005]

Our client, a large business-to-business (B2B) financial services company, was suffering from a proliferation of product offerings resulting on complexity and confusion, overall erosion of the master brand, sell-in and sell-through obstacles, and a breakdown in its strategic communications. Our client asked us to evaluate its branding and communications strategy across several channels. Using design research techniques, we set out to understand its multi-channel communications, the breadth and depth of its product offering, and internal stakeholder needs. We explored the company's brand attributes and equities, the specific challenges of the various business units, and its customer's web interactions.

I conducted 18 internal interviews and over 25 customer interviews to gather brand and communications data about 5 different business units. I utilized several design research techniques to elicit needs and attitudes. Participants were asked to map the roles and responsibilities within their company and how they interacted with our client, provide detailed information about the strengths and weaknesses of our client, and design their own web interface to the financial services reporting data. I conducted contextual interviews on-site at the participant's locations.