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The Digital Photo-Editing Process

[With Catapult Thinking, May 2005 to Jun 2005]

Our client, a manufacturer of color calibration tools, approached us with a new product targeted toward the average digital photographer. They asked us to identify the potential target audiences, the problems and issues this audience faces, how they might expect to try and buy the product, and the retailer opportunities and perspectives associated with the new product. In our preliminary research we realized that the company faced a bigger problem — did anyone really need this product.

I interviewed 16 digital photographers spanning several levels of sophistication and four retailers. I asked participants to show us their process for getting digital photos from their camera to the final output (photo sharing site, hard drive, printed image). Then I demonstrated the product to gather their initial reactions, desire for the functionality, and their perceived value of the product including it's price. Finally, I shared several value propositions for an 'ideal' product and asked them to sort and rank the characteristics. Retail interviews were conducted in the store and followed a similar process to the photographer interviews. This process also included a store walk-through, best practices in packaging design for similar products, and likely display area within the store.