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Digital File Asset Management System

This intranet database website was designed to serve as both an asset management tool for digital files produced by the Innoventry design team and as a self-promotional tool for the Marketing & Design Group within the company. In an effort to formalize the design request process, a Cold Fusion based database/archiving system was created and employees were granted varying levels of accessibility. Upon logging in, any visitor could view an interactive showcase highlighting the design group's best work, or go directly into the database itself to make a project request. The interface was designed with InnoVentry brand guidelines in mind, but held separate from the company's Internet web site.

May 2000 to August 2000

Functional design
Art direction
Graphic design (Collaborative)
Technical development (Collaborative)
HTML development (Collaborative)

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My responsibilities on this project included defining the functional requirements, directing the visual design process, managing an IT contractor and all technical development, training users, coordinating internal server requirements, and serving as overall visionary of the project.